This veritable grandfather of Utah Taco Stands, established in 1998, is also know as the State Street taco cart. It´s small cart on a nondescript sidewalk in front os a sears, but you´ll be able to spot Tacos Don Rafa by the near - constant crowds. While pigeons forage futilely for scraps, bussinessman in ironed shirts jostle with tatted-up folds to shell out $1.00  for  tacos or $4 for a Burrito. 


What makes eating Don Rafa´s food such a pleasure is how flavorful and fresh the ingredients are, from the carne asada and beef tongue to the shredded cabbage and chopped-up radishes. As you savor your selection, perched on the cement wall by the cart as the traffic goes by, music booming from nearby car stereos, you´ll already be planning a return visit. 


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